The Flaming C...in bricks

When popular comedian Conan O'brien, during his show, met with the renowned comic artist Bruce Timm, the clash of two great minds resulted in the creation of Conan's alter-ego: The Flaming C. A hero crime fighter created jokingly, wearing a steaming ovenmit, a jai alai glove, ski goggles, a Star of David belt buckle, socks with garters, fishnet stockings and loafers. In the months to follow, it would come as a surprise to everyone, even Conan himself, to see his alter-ego reproduced in a faux animated video by Warner Bros, and ultimately, a life-sized version was made by professionally certified lego artist Nathan Sawaya.


Giant Lego Man finally released from police custody

Back in October, this 8-foot-tall lego man washed ashore on Siesta Key Beach, Florida. Beach goers and the police department were perplexed at how or why this 100-pound lego man ended there, with nothing to identify it save the mysterious message written on it's green shirt "NO REAL THAN YOU ARE" and on it's back was the name "Ego Leonard" and the number 8. Later that day, the lego man was confiscated by the local authorities and placed in a shed, as standard protocol required that any lost and found "item" remain with the authorities for a span of 90 days, during which time it can be claimed by the original owners.


Browser Game - Ninjago The Four Paths

Ninjago Four Paths I just love finding great lego games lately, so here is another one: Ninjago - The four paths was released as a sale booster to the series with the same name, the players only have to drag the mouse across the screen to make the figurine move accordingly. It is simple to play and has a great look to it, although, amongst the four paths, there is really only 2 types. I still appreciate the simplicity of the gaming mode, and for a browser game, that is a important consideration.

Show off those Ninjago dodging skills!


Wallpaper - Legoman in snow

Rock, Scissor, Paper?...wait a minute...

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