Wallpaper - Lunch atop a skyscraper

A black and white outlook of Lego City over lunch

This wallpaper is actually a reproduction from the very famous black-and-white photograph taken by Charles C.Ebbet in 1932. The photograph was taken during the last stages of construction by Ebbet on the 69th floor, it shows 11 men eating lunch, seated on a girder with their feet dangling several hundreds of feet above the New York City Streets. Another photograph taken by Ebbets the same day, Men Asleep on a Girder, shows the same workers napping on the beam.


Wallpaper - Star Wars Hologram

Star Wars Lego - hologram message?


Wallpaper - Tron

Tron Legacy Lego - fancy a game?


Wallpaper - Batman and Joker

The Joker - Batman lego duel continues! Next round...Arkham City?


Wallpaper - Lego Evolution

Human Lego evolution chart


Browser Game - Crosstown Craze

Crosstown Craze is a classic and simple-to-play lego racer game for the browser, with a great variety of cars to choose from. The game was designed to advertise on the lego racers kits, and specifically the crosstown craze kit. All the cars in that kit is available in the game, owners can unlock additional cars with codes from the kit itself or collect the yellow bricks in the race to unlock them for free. Overall, the game controls are simple and responds well enough. The races are short and therefore appropriate for this type of game  as a fun, and strangely addictive time burner.

Ready to join some crosstown traffic excitement?


Wallpaper - I, Robot lego

Great movie! I'm waiting for I, robot 2 now!

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