Perfect computer for your lego pc games

Fully "bricked" PC...totally functioning!

Just last week I was looking for components and everything else to put a computer together from scratch, as I was searching for the case I came upon this little gem from my soon-to-be favorite lego artist Nathan Sawaya. It's a fully functional computer model with a case built entirely from lego and it also has a protective case for the monitor! As a lego fan and a computer lover this can certainly be considered as a dream case to have.  The following is a statement made by the artist regarding this beautiful creation:

"When PC Magazine needed a LEGO PC for the cover of their magazine, I was happy to help out, and created a colorful PC out of LEGO bricks. The folks over at PC Magazine liked it so much, they decided they wanted to have a contest where they gave away a working PC built out of LEGO bricks. Oh what fun.
I have built some functioning models in the past. In fact, I used a LEGO Mindstorms kit to make my replica of an air conditioner actually create a cool breeze, but building a fully functioning PC seemed like quite a challenge. Fortunately, I had the help of PC Magazine’s Executive Editor, Jeremy Kaplan. After I created the outer shell of the CPU and Monitor out of LEGO bricks, Jeremy and I then spent countless hours installing the internal mechanics of the machine. Using several different LEGO building techniques, we were able to mount the computer parts inside and actually make a working computer. It was indeed challenging to make it all come together, but after a lot of work, we finally had a functioning LEGO PC.
And the best part was, the winner of the contest waited almost a whole two weeks before putting it up on eBay."

Lego Case side view

Lego case back view

monitor casing back view


  1. OH that is so cool! I know what I will do for my kids now! That is so awesome! Everything in there room is Lego pretty! toys everywhere are lego, star wars toys lego, spiderman lego, alarm clock is lego and their favorite games are lego games! this
    would be awesome to own just for the fact it's lego XD. one of your greatest finds!

  2. That is actually incredibly useful, to be able to make a computer case! xD

  3. Ohhhhh wooooow!

    Just fuckin'...wooooow!

    Now this, THIS! I dig this.

    Thanks ever so much for bringing up this article, Aku~! 'S why I follow ya.


    I bet you can check out all kinds of horrible pornography on a legorig like that...

  4. Cool rig : D My only problem with it is: it's not destined to being overclocked : D The temperatures inside could easily exceed 90 degrees C, even with the best cooling. And boy, I don't really know what's the max working temperature of Lego bricks : D


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