Minecraft - joining the lego set

Minecraft is a popular game on the classic category with a ever increasing popularity on both the web browser and the mobile platforms, now it has also been approved in LEGO form. The game is about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine in the virtual world. And now that the project has reached it's designated vote numbers in the CUUSOO project, it means that you can build anything you imagine with LEGO bricks in the physical world! 


Valentine's day

Time sure flies! We are already at Valentine week, around this time some of you might be having a headache over what to offer to your important someone, but even if you think today's not for you, lego always has something for every occasion to interest all age groups! Personally, I don't celebrate date specific events, but I do like the products themed after them.

Valentine's Day Box
A chocolate inside = perfect gift coming right up!


Video - 8-bit trip

1500 hours is certainly gasp worthy!

A stop motion that is so impressive, it's still hard to believe that no software was used in it's creation. The video was made by a Swedish band duo called Rymdreglage, creators of music videos in 8 bits. This is their third video and it was inspired by the 80's using solely lego blocks, the video pays tribute to vintage Nintendo video games and according to the authors it took 1500 hours, moving each lego constructed character and set piece step by step to simulate motion and taking photographs of them, making guest appearances are classic nintendo characters such as super mario, pac man and yoshi, along with title sequences in 8 bit font.

"Ninja Moped, or Rymdreglage was formed in 2003 by Daniel Larsson and Tomas Redigh. After they spent high school together, then as DJ Baba and Flyingpickles (bad musical rivals) decided the two youths suddenly to join in a common band. Why then, one might wonder? What would Flyingpickles able to bring the notorious Dj: Baba who had previously played at Mossbrott both one and two times. Flyingpickles or Tomas as he really called claimed that he certainly could sing if all the external conditions were favorable. 
It was just to find a moderately cool place with perfect sound reproduction and a light that induced a sort of light shimmer on the walls that made the soul 100% quiet and so was able to free it self from all the inner voices who told it that he couldn’t sing.
Now it turned out that these external conditions were as close to utopia as one can get in modern times. That’s the reason why all materials are released as instrumental versions."

Some people think this is a exercise in futility and a waste of time but personally, I think that everyone has excess time in their hands, and what matters is what we do with that time, the authors of this video, in my view used their excess time instead of couch surfing or some other mundane thing to do something awesome and deserving of praise. What do you think?

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