Lego Call of Duty - A alternative MW3 trailer

Everything looks better legolized!

If the quality of something is measured by how long it took it's creators to make them, then the following video is a mona lisa in lego art. This masterpiece trailer was fan made for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and first streamed from the Machinima channel, created by a user named Kooberz. Everything from the original CoD trailer was faithfully remade with lego in stop motion, plastic and cotton wool art, personally I like the fan made version more but that's probably a biased opinion from a lego fan! Anyhow, enjoy and leave a comment if you liked it!

Fan Made CoD trailer:

Original CoD trailer:


  1. pretty cool
    I would have parodied a better trailer though
    a better game even

  2. Lego Modern Warfare would be so much more fun. :O


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