The Flaming C...in bricks

When popular comedian Conan O'brien, during his show, met with the renowned comic artist Bruce Timm, the clash of two great minds resulted in the creation of Conan's alter-ego: The Flaming C. A hero crime fighter created jokingly, wearing a steaming ovenmit, a jai alai glove, ski goggles, a Star of David belt buckle, socks with garters, fishnet stockings and loafers. In the months to follow, it would come as a surprise to everyone, even Conan himself, to see his alter-ego reproduced in a faux animated video by Warner Bros, and ultimately, a life-sized version was made by professionally certified lego artist Nathan Sawaya.

The artist's comment:

"The brick version of Conan O’Brien’s alter comic ego, the Flaming C, was well received by Conan and the rest of San Diego Comic-Con. TeamCoco put together an entire art gallery of the fine art of the Flaming C. It was quite the popular attraction, and I was very excited to have the big brick version in the front window. Conan also enjoyed the opportunity to make fun of me. Who doesn’t?"

Meet Conan O'brien Flaming C

The Flaming C...in bricks
Additionally, watch this impressive video of the artist building the statue brick by brick! (fast forward of course!)


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