Valentine's day

Time sure flies! We are already at Valentine week, around this time some of you might be having a headache over what to offer to your important someone, but even if you think today's not for you, lego always has something for every occasion to interest all age groups! Personally, I don't celebrate date specific events, but I do like the products themed after them.

Valentine's Day Box
A chocolate inside = perfect gift coming right up!

Building your own present, pretty original gift
User Built LEGO Valentine Box
"Build your gift with LEGO® bricks!

Tell your valentine that you love them with a LEGO® set made exclusively for the holiday! This red LEGO brick box is perfect for storing jewelry or any little treasure. Includes 2 buildable hearts!
  • Includes 2 buildable hearts
  • Makes a great Valentine’s Day gift!"
Like this? Get it here


  1. This a cute valentine's day gift

  2. Oh god, this is a BEAUTIFUL idea!

    Chocolate and/or jewelry inside...or just give it to that special someone unbuilt?

    Reckon it all depends on what kind of significant other you got...but either way, what an adorable idea!

    Definitely a keeper. Thanks for the heads up!


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