Lego Star Wars - Soccer Table

Lego Star Wars football table!

Back in school my friends used to love playing with a soccer table during recreational time, I never quite picked up the fancy to it but times might have changed, because if I had a cool soccer table made fully of lego bricks and star war figurines...you can count me in on the fun! The figures are setup as the rebels versus the empire, quite appropriate and definitely much more interesting then the traditional soccer tables with red versus blue players. This lovely and fully playable table was made by 2×4, lego lovers might want to take a moment to check on his other inspiring lego creations, I know I have! (Now where is the death star ball to start the game!) 
The death star ball, where is it!

Empire versus rebels, very appropriately themed!


  1. I've got a proper bar football table already, but man oh man do I want one like that now! D:

  2. wow, that's pretty impressive


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